Ferris High School PTG presents
Ham on Regal
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What is Ham on Regal?
There are several ways you can contribute to the success of Ham on Regal!

  • As a parent or guardian of a Ferris student, you can donate your time and participate in the show or work backstage.
  • Anyone can donate money by clicking the donate button below and proceeds are allocated to various activities at Ferris High School.
  • You can buy tickets to support the show and donate them to a family who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. This helps two ways!
  • You can also make a monetary donation to purchase items for the Ferris Food Pantry or bring toiletries and non-perishable food items to the show!
Ham on Regal is an original musical/comedy show written and performed by Ferris High School parents and school staff. This unique fundraiser enables the Ferris Parent Teacher Group (PTG) to allocate proceeds from the show to various activities including: academics, athletics, administrative and supply needs to classrooms, teachers and students.

Each April, Ferris parents begin the process of creating a show for the following year. They write an original script, select music, and choreograph specialty dances and the General Chorus numbers. Parents work on set design, props, tickets, costumes, advertising and more. More than 300 parents and Ferris staff put in thousands of volunteer hours each year, and have loads of fun creating a unique entertainment event for our audiences.

This one of a kind fundraiser is in its 55th year and going strong! Explore this site for more information or click on Contact Us above with questions.
Thanks to our amazing advertisers who keep the show growing year after year! Want to advertise with us? Click on the Advertising Page at the top or email the Advertising Committee who will walk you through options! Many affordable options are available to promote your business to our large audience and participants.

Ham on Regal raises tens of thousands of dollars each year through selling advertising in our show program. Programs are distributed to thousands of patrons who attend our shows and through the years, we have built a community who does business with our advertisers.
Raffle Winners Announced:

Grand Prize: Davenport Package - (David Simpson)

2nd Prize: Northern Quest Casino & Spa Package - (Jackie Teeple)
Introducing Ham on Regal's 2019 Show Chairs!

Welcome Jeremy & Carrie Kish and  Beth & Ryan Clements!