Ferris High School PTG presents
Ham on Regal
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Get Involved

Building Community and Helping our School

Ferris parents are encouraged to participate in the show at whatever level is comfortable for them. If acting, dancing, or singing in the are not on your list, there are over 40 committees and more than 100 committee members that are involved in all aspects of the show. The Ham on Regal Players always need people to participate in costuming, lighting, sound, stage management, set construction, and creating props. You can also participate in Ham on Regal selling advertising for the program and tickets to the shows. In fact, the "Hammies" will find the perfect fit for any parent who wants to be involved in this one of a kind annual event.

How do you join the cast? You just come to rehearsals. Everyone can be a member of the General Chorus. (With over 250 people on stage at a time, it doesn't matter if you don't sing or dance well!)

When your last child graduates from Ferris, you graduate from Ham on Regal. We have a very large and active group of "Hambones" (graduates of Ham on Regal) who help us during Show Week and offer much appreciated support as we prepare the show each year.

You can also donate funds, buy tickets and advertise! So many ways to get involved!
The purpose of Ham on Regal is:
  • To raise money for academic materials, equipment, and extracurricular activities for Ferris students
  • To meet other Ferris parents
  • To help Ferris students and teachers
  • To make new friends
  • To build a community of dedicated and involved parents
  • And most of all - TO HAVE FUN!
The philosphy of the show is to build a community within the parent- teacher group while raising funds for the school. To be in the Ham on Regal cast, you must have a student currently enrolled at Ferris or be a member of the Ferris staff. Band members, however, may come from throughout the community (although many of our band members are Hambones.)

First time "Hammies" are sometimes shy and reluctant to be on the stage, but the jitters soon give way to the "Ham"side of their personality and the show soon comes to life. There really aren't any starring roles in Ham on Regal. Most parts are a few lines per scene. There are also many areas of the show that need your talents on stage including singing groups, dances, and non-speaking parts. 
History of Ham on Regal
Past Shows
Ham on Regal was born in the fall of 1963, with the opening of Joel E. Ferris High School. Two parent-teacher groups combined to put together a show that would raise funds to support school activities. The success of the show truly bonded the two groups and laid the foundation for the tremendously strong parent-school community we now enjoy at Ferris.

The Ham on Regal Players acquired its name from the name of the 1969 prodiction. While searching for a name for the show, the chairman suggested "Ham on Regal" because the school faces Regal Street. Since then, the troupe has been know as the Ham on Regal Players or "Hams" for short. The five-decade long venture stems from the work of thousands of parents and teachers of the past 54+ years.

The benefits from being involved in the show are remarkable! Ferris teachers gain support for their programs and parental involvement in the production of the show. As parents, we gain lifelong friendships, work collaboratively for a common goal to enhance the educational experience for our children and we have lots and lots of fun!

Ham on Regal has many traditions. From awards to on-stage antics, skits, stingers, the show "formula", the progression of participation from a Hamlet (a first year Ham) to Hammie (a seasoned veteran) to Hambone (when your last student graduates from Ferris), and finally packing up the costumes and music until next year. The traditions are rich and make for fond memories.

A very special tradition is the "Student Con", Tuesday of show week, where we do a special performance in the morning for the students of Ferris High School. And, at the end of every performance the audience is invited to sing along with the cast to the Ham on Regal theme song, "Once a Year Day." 
1963  Hootenanny
1965  A Knight in Saxony
1966  A Night in Saxony
1967  Would You Believe?
1968  Fair and Warmer
1969  Ham on Regal
1970  Bali Hoo
1972  When in Rome
1973  Those Were the Days
1974  Saga of the S.S.Fairlass
1975  That's the Spirit
1976  The People vs Uncle Sam
1977  A Shriek from Araby
1978  The Last Resort
1979  Juan Amore Time
1980  Hamalot
1981  Regal Rock
1982  Too Darn Hot
1983  What's Afloat
1984  Purr-fect Nonsense
1985  It's All Relative
1986  Luck Be A Lady
1987  In Hot Pursuit
1988  Hamtrek 25 - A Spacey Odyssey
1989  Less Than A One Horse Town
1990  S.O.S.
1991  W.H.A.M. on Regal

1992  Semi-Mental Journey
1993  Class Spirits
1994  Fathom That
1995  Jurassic Pork
1996  Under the Pig Top
1997  Fractured Ferris Tales
1998  PhantHam of the Oscars
1999  Summer Camp (Some R' Not)
2000  A PIGment of Our Imagination
2001  Nautical Nonsense
2002  Forbidden Grounds
2003  American Hamstand
2004  Gold 'N' Horseshoe Revue
2005  Pirate Parody
2006  The Ferrist of the All
2007  License to Ham
2008  Remote Possibilities
2009  MayHam at the Museum
2010  Life Kinda Sorta
2011  Hollywood Hogwash
2012  Ham Times at Ferris High
2013  The Regal Avengers - Project Blueprint
2014  New Digs for Cool Pigs
2015  Pig Tales - A Summer Aswinement
2016  Hankering for the Hamlight
2017  When Pigs Fly!
2018  The Wizard of Hogz

The Hambones are Ham on Regal alumni. When their last child graduates from Ferris High School, the parents/guardians also graduate from Ham on Regal and join the ranks of the Hambones! The main purpose of the group is to provide support to Ham on Regal, which we do mainly by providing staffing during show week. In addition, it's a great opportunity to continue the friendships and camaraderie that we enjoyed whole participating in Ham on Regal. We have monthly meetings, various social events, and activities throughout the year.

Anyone who participated in Ham on Regal is eligible to be a Hambone. Hambones meet monthly on the last Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held at Round Table Pizza on south Regal Street, and begin at 7:00 pm sharp! We recommend arriving early so you have time to get your food and beverage and find a seat before the meeting starts! We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! 

If you would like more information or are a new Hambone and want to join our newsletter, please email us at: hambones@hamonregal.org .

2017 Makeup Crew. The makeup crew is the one area where students are involved in the show's production.